Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Few Notes on What I Am Up To

I don't blog very much anymore. When I joined my new company, I agreed to cut down on the blogging, and I have been so incredibly busy that I would not have been able to blog even if given free rein.

I run the desktop applications group at my new company. This means that I gather requirements from the various trading desks and built .NET-based apps for them. I run a team of 6 people now, and we are slated to grow to about 20 by the end of the year. So, if you are a great .NET developer with multi-threading experience, give me a shout. We have a mixture of WinForms and WPF apps, although this is moving rapidly to 100% WPF.

Our offices are in midtown Manhattan (you may need to travel to Chicago once or twice a year), we serve free lunch and breakfast, and we have free memberships to various health clubs. Plus all of the other standard perks. Send an email to me at magmasystems at gmail dot com.

We also have a lot of openings for great C++/Linux people who have heavy financial industry experience with real-time systems. (Sorry to all of the Java devs ... we don't use Java at all.)

We had some great wins this week. We were able to turn a buy-side hedge fund into a sell-side firm, and our Equity Derivatives desk is in business with customers, about a month before our original target date. My group is now implementing systems for some of the other trading desks. It is incredible to be able to be there at the genesis of a new Investment Bank, something that we hope will eventually compete with the likes of Goldman and Barcap.

The other part of my job is Architecture, and now that the desktop team has some momentum, I hope to be branching out and exploring various tools that will make our traders more productive. Basically, trying to do some of the same stuff that I was doing at Citi eons ago.

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