Friday, September 30, 2005

Microsoft Certifications

Even though our company has some fantastic developers and architects, we are a bit light in the Microsoft Certification department. Many of the great technical people that I have run into on Wall Street do not have Microsoft Certifications, mainly because..... well, they are too busy at work to persue it. As a long time consultant, I have never been asked by a potential client if I was certified.

Nevertheless, certification does seem to have some benefits, mainly in terms of marketing your organization. Microsoft likes to see an organization with a certain percentage of certified employees before they will allocate you "partner" status.

Has anybody found certification to be worthwhile? Does the time spent in preparing for the exams resulted in any substantial gains for you or your organization?

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Anonymous said...

I used to be MS certified a few years ago, but found it useless from a career viewpoint, and it didn't improve my skills at all. I've never hired anyone with MS exam over somebody with exams