Sunday, November 06, 2005

Be Afraid ... Be Very Afraid

Looks like there are enough serious bugs in the first release of Visual Studio .NET 2005 to make me question recommending it for use (not that any of the tier-1 banks that we deal with are likely to jump with both feet into barely-released software).

Too bad .. we can really use generics on the current project, where we would like to implement strongly-typed caches of various trading instruments.

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Matt Davey said...

More details here - "the biggest lesson that we learned on this most recent version (Visual Studio 2005) was that we were not agile enough and we took too long to ship."

Matt Davey said...

.NET 2.0 and VS.NET are not bound together, hence I see no reason why an org wouldn't use .NET 2.0 if the bugs are only in VS.NET

marc said...

Granted that you can use either the command-line compiler or another IDE to be productive. However, with the amount of negative publicity surround VS.NET 2005, a tier-1 bank might call into question the quality of the entire platform. In addition, most large companies tend to approve software as an entire package... meaning that if you are going to use .NET 2.0, then it should come from an official installation of VS .NET 2005.