Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Data Point - Senior .NET Arch/Dev Salary

Even though my resume is not in the "active" state on Monster and Dice, I still get a ton of calls from headhunters. Since coming out of my New Jersey territory, and working in New York, I now pay attention to what Wall Street dev managers, architects, and developers are making. After all, when we try to recruit candidates for Finetix, we need to be a little more than competitve with the current batch of companies.

Perhaps everyone have just gotten their new budgets approved ... perhaps it is all of the annual February job movement taking place, and new hires want to re-stock their technical teams .... but this week has been ridiculous in the number of calls and emails that I have been getting for Wall Street firms looking for solid technical talent. The same thing must be happening over in the City of London.

On Wall Street, it seems that the base salary for a senior .NET and Java architect/developer is $150,000. This must mean that the salary for a City of London position is around £100,000. (Can any London-based developer confirm this?)

Bonus is everything on Wall Street. It was shocking to hear that the bonuses for average developers at my current client around around 10%. Lehman's bonus are much, much higher, but you have to work every Saturday. UBS is around 40%.

I would love to get more data points. Please feel free to comment.

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Anonymous said...

London figures:

UBS (base figures): AD - 80k, D/ED - 110-130k

Lehman: 100K + 50% bonus

BarCap: Senior bus facing dev (c++ or c#) - not quant, no architecture or management: 90k base

CSFB (base): AVP - 70k, VP - 90k, D - 110K, MD - 160K

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should clean up my CV and get back on the market then?

Working in The GAP doesn't really suit me ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your UBS bonus figures are a bit out of date. The last few years have been 10% - 20%, higher if you work on the floor with traders.