Thursday, September 07, 2006

Celllllllllebration, Yeah, Come On!

We have been given the go-ahead for the .NET Client Framework!

Thanks to all who contributed ideas, both publicly and privately. And thanks to various open-minded individuals at my IB.

My ex-colleague, Chris, will be embarking on an effort to do the same at another IB. Will it be Service Locator vs Spring.Net? Stay tuned!

Beers are on me.....

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chris said...

Go Marc! Fun for us :)

Anonymous said...

Which UI framework are you going to use, given Chris's bias towards DAF?

marc said...

Chris's decision won't affect me at all, since he and I are in different IBs. And, I would be curious to see if Chris can keep his DAF work independent from his day job.

My framework will most likely be based on an existing framework within our IB. Time to market and all that stuff.

Would be surprised if Chris, once he got started at his IB, would feel pressure from other groups who have developed their own frameworks. Such is the outcome in many siloed organizations.

My vote would be to let Matt do it for both of us. Then we can sit around sipping cocktails and yell at Matt all day.