Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Random Musings

Yes, I know that I have not been blogging very actively this summer, but at the insistence of some colleagues and vendors who demand continuous entertainment, I will try to embark on another series of stream-of-conciousness postings.

Let's see what's new ....

1) London again. More groups coming aboard with my .NET client framework, so I was asked to pay another visit to London during the week of July 16. That's 3 times in London in less than a year. I don't mind going to London ... the first-class service aboard Virgin Atlantic is stellar, and this time, I was treated to massages on both legs of the trip.

What was exciting about this trip is that the department that I was meeting with are going to be taking four of their separate apps and combining them in a single consolidated front-end, with each particular group's app "running" as a separate DLL, registering services, and communicating with the other "apps" through my internal message bus. Still no separate app domains though.

2) My son is in college now! Yeah! Spent the entire weekend cleaning the house of the carnage that he and his friends wrecked during the past few years.

3) Going to be revisiting Complex Event Processing soon. Coral8 looks like a strong contender in the space. Why doesn't KX Systems realize that Q scares the mere mortal?

4) I am taking a few members of the Derivatives Analytics team up in my plane tomorrow evening. A nice flight over the Catskill Mountains is planned. Usually when I ask people to fly with me, I get all sorts of excuses. However, the DA team is too young and too inquisitive to know what they're getting into! They will even help me pre-flight the plane. As long as they don't start asking me about auronautical mathematics, the flight will go well!

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