Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We are hiring again

Even though you may be reading about layoffs on Wall Street, we still have openings in Equities IT for developers and technologists who are very smart and are passionate about technology. Business experience preferred (Risk, Trading, Analytics, CEP). The positions can be in New York City, in Jersey City, or in Warren, NJ. Java or .NET.

I still have openings for a great UI developer (we are moving to WPF) who has experience with real-time systems, and a more "analytical" person who can analyze flowing equities trading and risk data in real-time and come up with interesting trading decisions.

Email me if you are interested.

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Anonymous said...

Mark please comment on Certified Trading System Developer offered by i4MT.
Link is:
With someone who has lot of interest in being a trading system developer but does not have the domain knowledge this looks like a good place to start with. Although getting degree in Financial Engineering would give the best bang for the buck but i dont want to get into hardcore quantitative engineering as i have a good technical background and like to stick on technical side. Do you think you would hire someone who has this kind of certificate and the domain knowledge that comes along with it. Your comments highly needed...

marc said...

Hmmm... Ben Van Vliet's organization? His highly anticipated book on Trading Systems got trashed on Wilmott.com last year.

I don't think I would hire a person solely due to the fact that this person "graduated" from Van Vliet's classes, in the same way that I don't think I would automatically hire anyone who graduated from the NY Instutute of Finance. Interviews are fairl;y rigorous in a lot of Wall Street companies, and pure book knowledge might not help in an interview.

But, Van Vliet's course looks interesting, and it *may* get you into the door at some companies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marc for the your comments. Well the dilemma is eventhough i have very good technical experience and expertise with microsoft technologies(.net, c#) i dont have any practical experience with financial instruments and trading. Although i have worked with financial companies my work has been more related to asp.net, sql server and web in general. So how does one get into trading system development without domain knowledge and there are not many places that you can get the well rounded domain knowledge specifically to developing such systems. I think if this kind of certificate can atleast get you in door that should be good enough because than taking into consideration that you took the steps to get the domain knowledge and have technical expertise to back it which could work in favor.
What do you say should someone in my position do its confusing?

marc said...

Wall Street always loves great technical people. When there is too much demand for hiring, and too few technical people out there, then Wall Street companies prefer technical abilities over business domain knowledge ... business knowledge can always be taught. However, when there are too many programmers chasing too few Wall Street jobs (as there is now), then Wall Street companies domand good technical skills AND business knowledge. In that case, your training course will certainly help. We also realize the big difference between web/ASP.NEt programmers and real-time, multi-threading oriented trading systems developers.

Dayo said...

I think what is even more interesting is that, there are great resources out there, that you can leverage your technical skills in developing capital market applications, to the extend that you may not even need the so coveted wall street jobs. I suggest you start building trading applications by leveraging your programming experience, and also by utilizing financial domain knowledge, which you can get through various sources (especially online).