Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome, Patric

My CEP team is happy to welcome Patric, a very experienced developer who specializes in UI design.

Our GUI is shaping up very nicely. We made the decision to go to WPF, and under Scott's leadership, the GUI is starting to come together nicely. We have been getting a lot of oohs and aahs on the trading floor, and the buzz that the GUI is generating will hopefully give us space on the traders' screens.

We have just about reached the point where people stopped wondering what our row on the trading floor has been up to. We are now starting to get requests from different groups, which is a position that we were hoping that we would be in. As many people have said about CEP, once you show people what you can get from a CEP infrastructure, your next set of problems is how to balance all of the requests that you will get.

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chris donnan said...

What WPF grid?? I have been waiting for DevExpress's grid to be done - in beta now. It is STILL not near their WinForms grid... So what WPF grid are you using. How satisfied are you with it?

Scott Weinstein said...

No grid, at least not yet. If it's needed, we'll probably use the Xceed DataGrid.