Sunday, November 02, 2008

Colin Clark - The New Head of FinServ at Coral8

Colin told me that I can post the good news .... he just accepted the job of Executive Vice President of Financial Services at Coral8, reporting directly to the CEO.

This is a great thing for Coral8.

As I have written here before, I feel that financial services domain knowledge was not one of Coral8's strong points, and I think that they would be the first to admit this. I personally think that it is difficult to target Wall Street firms from the dry air of Silicon Valley. I would venture to say that not one of the people who we interact with at Coral8 comes from a financial services background, and although they tried very hard, they were never able to give us a full-time support person in New York, let alone someone who knew anything about trading apps.

Now in the space of a few weeks, Coral8 bagged Mike DiStefano of Gemstone and Colin Clark, the ex-CEO of Kaskad. And, just when I thought that Coral8 was going to de-emphasize their efforts in financial services (not that I would have blamed them!).

Colin will be building up a financial services organization in the US and in continental Europe and the UK. Coral8 has no current sales organization on the right side of the pond, and when we go global with our CEP system, it is nice to have local support from the vendor.

What is great for us is that Colin actually cares about what we, as a capital markets firm, do with Coral8. And, let me tell you ... we have a laundry list for Colin that will keep him busy for many months. We have requests in the areas of real-time OLAP, entitled subscriptions, persistence, object cache connectivity, performance improvements with ad-hoc queries in the Coral8 public windows, better .NET support (which we have been promised already), better profiling and performance monitoring, better documentation, and more.

And, did I mention that Colin is a pilot? (My goal is to have our vendors stocked with pilots and percussionists.)

Welcome to Coral8, Colin. I hope you are ready for us, cause we are coming at you like one of those planes that you see in the Reno Air Races.

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