Monday, February 02, 2009

Real-time Messaging in Sybase 15

If your organization is migrating from Sybase ASE 12.5.4 to Sybase 15, then you might want to take a look at these slides.

One slide caught my attention. It was a slide on the migration effort done by eSpeed. One of the things that eSpeed did in their Sybase migration was:

Replace "Polling-Broadcasting”legacy solution with integrated real-time messaging (RTDS 4.0) in ASE 15

I need to find out more about this. Sybase has some slides here.

Many financial companies who are using Sybase have applications that actually do database polling every 'n' minutes in order to find out what rows in a table have changed. If eSpeed did what I think they did, then this presents itself as a compelling reason to move to Sybase 15. (Of course, this assumes that you are not goign to be moving eventually to SQL Server 2008/2010.)

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Anonymous said...

RTDS has been available for awhile, since at least 12.5.1 IIRC. It required a separate license, though.

vchand said...

It is same as Sql 2005 -Service Broker Architecture.
Banks prefer to keep messaging and db as separate technology stack.
It is not very reliable to have your messaging infrastruture in
the db.