Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sybase and Coral8

A very curious situation between Sybase RAP and Coral8.....

I ran into Ivy Schmerken the other day. She has been an editor and writer at Wall Street and Technology for over 20 years, and I used to read here articles when I started on Wall Street back in 1986.

She told me that she had just written an article on the new Sybase RAP "CEP" product, and asked me what I thought of it. I said, "I know all about it. They licensed the Coral8 engine, and that's how they are doing the CEP part of things." I thought it was public knowledge on Wall Street that Sybase RAP was using Coral8, but I guess that Sybase didn't think so, as they never disclosed this fact to Ivy in her interview.

Ivy followed up on this fact with the people from Sybase, and then it came out that Sybase was using Coral8 under the hood. Ivy's news story was then picked up by other news sources like Finextra, and all of a sudden, it was out that Sybase was using Coral8.

This prompted an interesting post from John Morrell of Coraleri that was posted on the Coraleri blog.

I am frankly puzzled why Sybase did not disclose the Coral8 partnership up front. Surely they realize that most of Wall Street (at least the people who care about CEP) knew about the partnership. I was told about this by Sybase themselves. Wombat used Coral8 under the hood in their Acumen product, and in fact, it was Wombat's strong endorsement of Coral8 that helped us in our choice of CEP engines.

I would have thought that it would be to Sybase's benefit that they tout the fact that a tried and tested CEP engine was at the heart of their new offering. Can anyone shed some insight on the thought process here?

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