Friday, August 07, 2009

Drools 5.0 for CEP

The new 5.0 version of Drools seems to have CEP capabilities.

Has anyone here tried it out yet? Do you think that it can handle about 10,000 events per second? Has anyone pumped market data through it?

I am going to start reading up on Drools Fusion and see how it contrasts with the upcoming Microsoft Orinoco. Fusion is here right now. Orinoco .... well .... we'll see.

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Steve Nunez said...

Seems to have? Definitely has.

I've used drools/5 CEP (aka 'Fusion') on three projects in financial services now, and pumped a full ASX feed through it. No problems.

Of course that assumes you write your rules correctly. Badly written rules will bring any engine to it's knees.

If you're interested in performance, we're in the middle of a performance benchmarking run. CEP though will be a while, as we have to get through the remaining engines.

Sam X said...

mark, drools are java based
how does it interoperate with c# in your vision?

marc said...


We certainly don't mind writing a CEP process in Java. It would be fed data by our C#-based input servers, and output events to our C#-based output servers.

As long as we can marshall data into a format that Drools expects (much like a Coral8 Tuple), then I think we woudl be OK.

Alexander Zagniotov said...

Hi Steve,

Ive been working with Drools in the past year.

It was definitely interesting to see how the framework performed in comparison to other rule engines.

You provided very usefull information.