Wednesday, December 09, 2009

LinkedIn Groups Created By Headhunters

I have noticed that Headhunters who operate in a particular space in Capital Markets or have a job opening in a certain area will create LinkedIn groups for the sole purpose of identifying candidates. I never join groups that have been created by a headhunter unless they are personally recommended to me.

For me, LinkedIn is becoming a bit like the Wild West, and its usefulness will be diluted by recruiters who misuse the service.


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Nair said...

True. I have seen a huge influx of headhunters lately. Guess just like facebook or any other nwking site, one slowly adapts and gains the skill to know what to accept/read and what not to. For me, it still is a great platform to network with the business community, understand career progression routes and gauge technologies used by different companies from their employee profiles.

TheBuccaneer said...

I used to check Linkedin all the time - now maybe once a week. And I get invitations from people I don't know constantly.

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