Thursday, April 29, 2010

$6M not enough for StreamBase

Interesting post from Marco here.

Sad to say, but Streambase is one of the last of the pure-play CEP vendors. What an incredible change that the CEP industry has seen in the past two years. I know of a well-known major company who needs to make a big decision about CEP in the next few months, and the playing field has been narrowed down to such as extent that I would have a difficult time choosing a technology partner if I was them.

Does anyone know if Esper is still around? Sad to see that Alex V is moving on from his relationship with Esper.

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Colin said...

These $ are most likely a bridge loan, monies for expansion, or both. Either way, an investor wouldn't have pulled the trigger if StreamBase's prospects weren't rosy.

Besides your personal distaste for StreamBase, there are no reasons for a company, large or small, to avoid evaluating them. Their technology is great and they've got great people. I know, I've worked with them, used the product personally, and even hired a few of them.

If a company is looking to build a CEP based algo platform, they're going to look at either StreamBase or Apama. You'd have to have your head examined if you went ahead with Esper. How can an open source project give any competitive advantage in one of the most competitive arena's in the world? That's why many firms are now resorting to slinging C++, as one of the very largest firms on the street has just started to do, after realizing that no CEP engine can offer competitive advantage in algo at their level.

That's why your current employer writes most of their own code, right? Esper? Come on.

Hans said...

StreamBase is Java too. I can show you how to make Esper work with no GC pauses. Still got bounds checked arrays though.