Monday, August 29, 2011

Maven and m2Eclipse

The continuing saga of the ".NET Guy" exploring the world of Java....

After doing some cleanup from Hurricane Irene (my 2 300-foot trees remained rock-steady during the storm), I sat down with my task for the day, and that was to get familiar with Maven. In order to shield myself from command-line arguments and XML configuration files, I downloaded a very wonderful called m2eclipse. This tools integrates Maven and Eclipse pretty nicely, and it looks like that I can do all of the basic dependency management through this tool.

Maven and m2Eclipse are two more things that a .NET developer has to get use to, since Visual Studio seems to manage most of the dependency and build process. However, one nice thing about the entire Open Source movement is that you can create a maven dependency, automatically download the source code for the dependency, and download the source for all of the sub-dependencies. Also, the Maven Repositories provides a nice, centralized way of locating frameworks and tools from within Eclipse.

I also have Git working nicely, and the Eclipse integration is being provided by the eGit tool. Much nicer than Clearcase.

Now, I need to download and learn Jenkins for my Continuous Integration needs.

Are there any other Eclipse-based tools that you recommend? I would love to hear about them.

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