Monday, March 13, 2006

Lepus Reports

Allow me to give a shout out to Lepus Reports. I just discovered an archive of past Lepus Reports on my current client's Intranet, and have been devouring each issue with relish.

They release two reports per month; a Research Report that contains about 10 articles dealing with a specific area of financial IT, and a briefer Management Report. For instance, one article might give an overview of ECNs, talk about the current trends in ECN usage, and give a brief overview of the various vendors in that space. They will also survey a number of financial firms to find out what they are currently using.

The last few pages of each report are devoted to news, so you can find out about new products, who has changed companies, and who has bought out whom.

If I were a financial IT consultant who changed clients every few months (which I am) and needed to get up to speed on a certain domain, I would certainly reach for a Lepus Report to get a quick backgrounder.

Note: I have no connection with Lepus, other than being a satisfied reader.

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