Friday, March 17, 2006

Transition #1

My last day in the land of the Freeborn is today. Good exposure to Credit Derivs.

Starting Monday at the home of the Big Mack. Enhancing an FX system.

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Anonymous said...

The Big Mac walked right by my ``cubicle`` the other day. He must have been in town. His good friends the Fry Guys were there, probably to prepare Q1 earnings announcements. Good Luck in Midtown!

Anonymous said...

So your client was Barclays Capital. I did not know Finetix worked with Barclays capital. How long have they been there?

morgan stanley must be knew also. I remember when they only had jpm.

marc said...

Yes, Finetix used to be very top-heavy with JPMC. I am happy to say that they are diversifying nicely.