Thursday, April 06, 2006

RIP: Doug Walker (Alien Planetscapes)

Doug Walker, long-time mainstay of the New York Spacerock scene and founder of the band Alien Planetscapes, passed away Tuesday April 4th at home. Doug had a heart condition for several years, and it finally caught up to him.

Doug was one of my oldest friends. I met Doug in 1975, and played in several seminal free-jazz bands with him in the mid to late 70's, including the great Third Sun.

Doug lost his wife Fran 2 years ago in a horrific car crash.

Doug leaves behind his son Evan, who was born three weeks after my own son.

God Bless You, Doug. Now you can jam with Robert Moog.

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Anonymous said...

Sad to hear the news. How old is Evan?p

marc said...

Evan just turned 17.

Anonymous said...

poor guy, having to lose both parents at such a young age.

Nancy said...

Hi Mark
I must remember you but am drawing a blank - di you play synth and live in Westchester at on point and have a friend Doug bought a vibraphone from? I was married to Doug from 1975 to 1983, moved to detroit and lost touch with him but just saw this today. nancy Walker