Thursday, January 04, 2007


Random thoughts ....

I have always wondered if there is any correlation between the coffee service that a company provides to the IT staff and the perceived quality of the company.

Barclays had the best coffee service. Being a British bank, it paid a lot of attention to the variety of teas it made available. It also had one of those big machines that made cappucino, expresso, or hot chocolate. I was at that machine five times a day.

BusinessEdge and Morgan Stanley have the little cups of Flavia coffee and hot chocolate ... totally free.

Wachovia in Charlotte ... never tried their coffee service Charlotte, there are three Starbucks in every office building ... I never saw so many Starbucks per square meter.

My current company has free Martinson's coffee, but charges 50 or 75 cents for Flavia. After years of drinking Starbucks, Martinson's seems very bitter and flavorless. I guess that I am too used to Starbucks.

Do you bring in your own coffee machine? Watch it... many companies are cracking down on that practice.

How does your company's coffee culture stack up?

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Anonymous said...

Funny. Another interesting correlation would be programmer output to coffee intake.

We have a choice of Starbucks and/or regular coffee at my company. Not free though.

I typically bring my own coffee to work. But, on those days when I'm furiously coding...the reach of a Starbucks is nice!


David Lattimoregay said...

I would have thought the intake of products like Monster and red bull would be more appropriate, now that would be great if the clients I worked for offered these beverages instead/aswell as coffee, I know I would appreciate it.

So where's the koolaid !!!!!!!!!