Friday, February 09, 2007

Just returned from London, where 2 inches of snow managed to shut down most of the city. Even the newscasters on Sky News were lamenting the fact that London (with one week of advance warning) cannot seem to deal with white powder.

Got together with some ex-colleagues, who were marvelling at the Lodnon consulting market.
The hot areas are Grid Computing, with the prevelant stack being DataSynapse and Tangasol. Also demand is picking up for WPF, with Morgan Stanley leading the way. The daily rates for qualified individuals are about 1000 pounds per day, which at the current exchange rates, is about $2000.

There is a well-known financial consulting firm who shut down its London offices last year, telling employees that they were losing money and that there was no money to be made in the London market. Hmmmmmm.....

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft's Compute Cluster Server and Digipede can make any inroads intot his market. There seems to be a very strong bias against using .NET for a grid infrastructure, something which I hope to see turned around in 2007.

I got a chance to walk around Canary Wharf a bit more this time. I hope that JL gets to go to the Gaucho Grill (Argentinian Steaks) and Nobu (Japanese) on his upcoming trip. But I need to have TS take JL out for a night of karaoke, and take some pictures to prove it! (Our karaoke outing got cancelled because of the snow .... to the relief of the collective ears of the London Equities Architecture group!)

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John Powers said...

Marc --
It will be interesting to see, indeed.

Much more at

Cameron Purdy said...

Canary Wharf, Data Synapse, Tangosol .. yup, there is a lot going on there. :-)

I can't talk yet in public on the Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server / Digipede / Coherence for .NET topic, but as you've probably heard, it is a scorcher.


Cameron Purdy
Tangosol Coherence: Data Grid for Java, C# and C++

marc said...

Can you contrast Tangasol's Coherence with Gemfire for .Net?

I pray that you have a .Net API as a first-class citizen.

Cameron Purdy said...

Hi Marc,

I don't know anything about the product you mentioned, other than it was included in a number of bake-offs that we won (including a couple big banks in London, one of which was "Scottish" in nature ;-).

Our .NET implementation is built in pure C#, and does not have any sort of embedded JVM or anything like that (no Java or C++). There's a lot of information on our Coherence Data Grid for .NET Wiki.


Cameron Purdy
Tangosol Coherence: Data Grid for Java, .NET and C++