Friday, February 02, 2007

Microsoft MVP Summit

Although I am not a Microsoft MVP, I have been invited to attend this year's MVP Summit in Seattle as one of the 20 "Influencers" of .NET technology. I hope to see some of the readers of this blog over there and share in some good Washington State microbrews. The summit runs the week of March 12. (Big shout out to Joe Rubino for this event...)

Coming from the capital markets sector, I will be most interested in the following:

Windows Compute Cluster
- how can Microsoft compete with establish grid players like Platform
- how do they cooperate with other grid vendors (ie: Digipede) that we might want to use for some lighter projects
- tie-ins with Excel Services

Analysis Services
- how can we use Analysis Services to perform risk analysis
- how can we use AS in a quasi real-time mode to perform real-time risk analysis and performance attribution

- what new compelling visualizations for trading systems can WPF give us
- performance aspects of WPF for trading systems

- would love to see WCF expanded to Tibco RV and EMS. That wouold give it more bang in the Capital Markets area.

SQL Server
- what is coming down the pike for SS that would be most applicable to our systems (time-series, complex event processing, etc). Will they be doing anything to get into Vhayu's and Streambase's space?

Capital Markets Strategy
- I have been very vocal with Microsoft about their (lack of) coherent strategy for Capital Markets. I want to see what plans they have for the entire stack. Let them demonstrate to me that they are think about coming out with best-of-breed components along the entire stack, and that people will take Microsoft seriously for server-side components.

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tel said...

so, can i join you?


John Powers said...

Go Marc, go! I hope you can impress upon the Microsoft team(s) the importance of coherent server-side .NET strategy. Certainly, we at Digipede think we've found our place in that ever-evolving strategy, and Capital Markets is a key sector for us. And while I love the Microsoft Cap Markets guys, you are right -- there is a lot more they can do to articulate a coherent strategy across the whole stack.

And hey -- what's with that "lighter projects" crack? ;)