Thursday, April 19, 2007

Resharper Suggestions from a Colleague

From a colleague...

(from Tim)

- A way to split all the classes in a file into their own files (e.g. I’ve refactored one class into several, I’m happy with my new class hierarchy, and I want to now make sure I have one class per file)

- A way to copy XML documentation from the base class or interface (it will do this if you ask it to implement interface members, but after that you have to copy & paste)

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Ilya Ryzhenkov said...

1. Use Move Type refactoring (F6), then select to move it to other file (Alt-F). One type at a time, but still much faster, then manually.

2. In version 3.0 we've add context action "Copy comments from base". You can join EAP, if you wish:

Tim said...

Re Move Type to Another File: Just what I was looking for! Thanks. (It even picks the right name for the new file.)