Sunday, April 01, 2007

Solution: QuickFix to Enums

To convert a QuickFix type that has const int's or const char's that represent values into a enum, you can do this:

        static public Type EnumOrdType = new ConstCharsToEnumCreator<OrdType, char>().Convert();

        static public Type EnumProduct = new ConstCharsToEnumCreator<Product, int>().Convert();

Now, if we want to fill a combo box with the values of these objects,



The definition of the helper class is:

    public class ConstCharsToEnumCreator<TQuickFixType, TEnumBaseType>


        static private AssemblyBuilder m_assemblyBuilder;

        static private ModuleBuilder m_moduleBuilder;

        private EnumBuilder m_enumBuilder;

        private Type m_createdEnum;


        private Type m_typeThatHasConstChars;


        public ConstCharsToEnumCreator()


            this.m_typeThatHasConstChars = typeof(TQuickFixType);


            if (m_moduleBuilder == null)






        public Type Convert()




            FieldInfo[] fields = this.m_typeThatHasConstChars.GetFields();

            foreach (FieldInfo field in fields)


                if (field.IsStatic && field.IsLiteral && field.IsPublic && field.FieldType == typeof(TEnumBaseType))

                    m_enumBuilder.DefineLiteral(field.Name, field.GetRawConstantValue());



            m_createdEnum = m_enumBuilder.CreateType();

            return m_createdEnum;



        private void CreateCallee(AppDomain myAppDomain)


            // Create a name for the assembly.

            AssemblyName myAssemblyName = new AssemblyName();

            myAssemblyName.Name = "EmittedAssembly";


            // Create the dynamic assembly.

            m_assemblyBuilder = myAppDomain.DefineDynamicAssembly(myAssemblyName, AssemblyBuilderAccess.Save);


            // Create a dynamic module.

            m_moduleBuilder = m_assemblyBuilder.DefineDynamicModule("EmittedModule", "EmittedModule.mod");



        private void CreateEnumBuilder()


            // Create a dynamic Enum.

            string enumTypeName = string.Format("{0}.{1}Enum", this.GetType().Namespace, this.m_typeThatHasConstChars.Name);

            m_enumBuilder = m_moduleBuilder.DefineEnum(enumTypeName, TypeAttributes.Public, typeof(TEnumBaseType));



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