Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Somasegar, who I gather is the head of the Visual Studio product line, blogs that Microsoft will be giving full support to multicore processing in their dev tools.

When I was out in Seattle a few weeks ago, I met with the Microsoft Accelerator team about the future of their technology. Also their stuff is wed to GPU's right now, the Accelerator team claims that it can be used as an abstraction for multicore systems. The guys from the Accelerator team also predict that the world will eventually be moving to massively multi-core machines (ie: Intel's 80 core processor)

Word is that both Credit Suisse and Goldman have teams devoted to exploring FPGA technology. The problem with FPGA is the amount of effort that goes into porting code, and the entire develop/build/debug cycle is very slow.

It will be nice to get first-class support from Microsoft as far as development tools go.

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