Friday, May 25, 2007

Performance Architect Wanted

Haven't posted in a while ... I have been super busy. My .NET client-side framework is taking off in a big way. I am off architecting other interesting things that bring me in touch with messaging acceleration, KDB+, visualizations, and more.

My new intern starts on Tuesday. Every year, we get a bunch of interns from the top universities who have just completed their Masters or PHD in comp sci or physics. Mine will be devoted to expanding and maintaining my framework, but he has a lot of interests in hardware accel too.

Ted, our performance architect, has left the firm for a great new job at AB. So, we are looking for a great performance architect to work in Warren, New Jersey. Let me know if you are interested.

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Anonymous said...

Marc; any chance you could give a rundown on what you expect from a "performance architect"? I'm thinking of making the switch to finance companies, coming from a high performance software background, and am curious if that would be the right niche for me.

marc said...

I will see if I can get the job spec to post. The performance architect is on call to assist other groups in isolating and repairing performance issues with their systems, most notably, trading systems and market data systems. Also important is to meet with vendors and analyze all of the various offerings that the vendors have related to performance monotoring tools (vendors like Wiley, Syndera, etc). The performance architect should understand both Java-based systems and .NET-based systems.