Thursday, June 14, 2007

Looking at ACE

Looking at high-performance frameworks for writing distributed systems, especially for high-frequency trading. ACE has been on the radar screen for a while.

I also found out that Bloomberg is using it in their PhatPipe product.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldnt recommend ACE its kind of old style in its design and C++ usage its a large library to bring on. Are there any specific parts or functionality youre out after, there might be better alternatives available.


JohnOS said...

If you're looking for a robust sockets & threading abstraction to build servers from the ground up in C++, ACE is the way to go.

But why build from such a low level ? Can't you use some pub/sub infra like TIB Rendezvous, SmartSockets, 29West or the new IBM entrant ?

marc said...

New IBM entrant? Link please?

Also, I know that Len Holgate is commercializing his socket-based commns framework. Wonder if that will be a competitor to ACE?

My client-side .NET framework has adapters for .NET sockets, EMS, and MSMQ. I was looking for a high-performance replacement for .NET sockets (mainly for Algo and HFT apps), hence the interest in ACE. However, you would have to be mindful of any marshalling costs.