Friday, June 22, 2007

Next Gen Heatmaps of the Markets?

The next generation of heatmaps?

Can we also employ tactile feedback using Microsoft Surface? So we can FEEL the market? Make the hot areas really generate heat?

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etrading said...

Why not build the heat map into the traders office chairs ? If the traders are market makers, the seat could cool as their positions approach zero. When they have a big position, and their risk is cranking up as the market moves, the seat could heat their asses up big time ! We've all encountered dozy traders who don't watch their blotters closely enough. Those guys are trading by the seat of their pants, and that's where they need feedback !

Graeme Burnett said...

Already been done I'm afraid. Raptor.

Trouble is, it was just flow visualisation - not what caused the flow.