Tuesday, September 18, 2007

CEP Vendors, DBMS's and Defense Industry

I made a comment in my last posting about RTI, a small messaging and CEP vendor. It seems that RTI got its start in the defense industry. Coincidentally, IBM is allowed to mention the fact that its System S arose out of a 4-year defense contract.

CEP vendors who grew out of the DBMS sector might have certain advantages, but ones who grew out of defense have other advantages. First, you would expect that anything that had to pass Military testing and certification would be industrial strength. These systems would have to be able to handle a huge throughput of signals and would have to be able to react correctly to the input .. after all, you don't want our ships firing a missle at a seagull. Second, the analysis tools have to be top-rate ... detecting a signal and firing a missle is much like pulling the trigger on a trade. Both have enormous consequences, and once out there, cannot be retracted.

I am not completely positive, but I can imagine that messaging systems in the defense industry might not have to worry about guaranteed delivery. It seems to be OK to drop a few signals (events messages) that the radars send out, and eventually (a few milli-seconds later), the signals would resume.

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Rut the Nut said...

Hi Marc,

Regarding your comment:
you don't want our ships firing a missle at a seagull.

You may recall a certain Mr Angers - he did some work for the military at some time. A 'ship recognition' system he worked on found it pretty difficult to spot the difference between an aircraft carrier and the Isle of Wight (a small island off Portsmouth).

That'd make island living pretty risky!