Thursday, September 06, 2007

.NET Winforms Expert Wanted

We would like to hire a true .NET/Winforms/C# expert (must be Winforms, not ASP.NET). A substantial part of the job would be to take over the .NET Client-side framework that Equities is using (ie: the thing I developed). You must be proficient in real-time front-ends, multithreading, understanding of messaging systems like Tibco EMS, etc.

You would be sitting in beautiful Warren, New Jersey, which is about 45 minutes west of New York City. However, you would have substantial opportunities to work with the business, which is located both in New York City and in Jersey City, NJ.

We would strongly prefer a full-time employee, although we might make an exception for an indie consultant.

This is an on-site job. So, please don't send me resumes from the Ukraine, asking if you can work remotely. Also, no calls from recruiters and consulting companies for now. I want to pick from people who are truly interested in financial services and .NET ... and these people probably read this blog already.

Since the position is in the Equities Advanced Architecture group, you must be a really strong communicator. If I ask you to get up to a whiteboard and explain something, I should be able to understand you without straining.

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