Saturday, November 24, 2007

First Use Case Done with Coral8

I now have Coral8 detecting when a sector has abnormal activity, and I have a Coral8 Output Stream publishing into a .NET application for visualization. If I want to, I can take the data from the Coral8 alert, transform it into a JMS message, and publish it out on the Tibco EMS bus for other applications in the organization to consume. Or, I can publish it out to another Coral8 stream.

Well done, Coral8 team!

Now, it's on to the Aleri evaluation. The good people at Aleri's sales engineering team have done most of this first use case, but now that I am armed with more Coral8 knowledge, I need to try to rebuild the Aleri use case from scratch by myself.

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Hans said...

Hi Marc, great posts. I wanted to let you know that a while ago, I got myself into some serious trouble at a big bank for posting evaluation stuff like this on my blog.

You seem like you know what you're doing, I just thought I'd let you know about my experience. Two factors contributed to the trouble: (1) senior management was not happy to see their money being spent on gathering information that was then given away (this is really about the attitude of senior IT management, not a business thing) and (2) more importantly, the bank worked on deals for various companies in related fields and was worried about potential conflict of interest in seeming to promote products through channels like employee blogs.

Hope you don't run into this kind of thing and can keep up the great posts.

marc said...

Thanks for the advice, Hans.

Actually .. I am management, and this is *my* team's project. Many of the senior management of the company read my blog, and even the old CTO of our company read my blog at the behest of some of the other senior management. A lot of people on the business side also read the blog, and I get a lot of coffee-machine feedback from people in my company.

As long as I am careful about revealing any of our "secret sauce", then I feel that am OK.

I am such a consumer of information on blogs that I think that I deserve togive back to the community at large. Plus, right now on the blogsphere, there doesn't seem to be that many "real-world war stories" about using CEP.

And, if the blog gets people interested in CEP,and we manage to lure a few good people to work for me ... then my management would not be happier!

Hans said...

Well, these same arguments did not help me at all in my situation. So it sounds like your organization's thinking is much more in line with my own than my previous organization's thinking was. If that makes sense.

Anyway, I think you are quite right and that your approach will work out well in the end.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marc,
Do You have any update on Aleri evaluation?

marc said...

I will be posting some thoughts on the Aleri evaluation later.