Sunday, November 04, 2007

Help Wanted for the Complex Event Processing Project

I have open headcount for about 4 or 5 people for 2008 for the Complex Event Processing project that I am running.

I realize that it is foolhardy to advertise for people who have prior experience in CEP. What I am looking for are smart developers who have a great passion to learn a new, interesting technology. The team that I envision will consist of:

1) Visualization developer - come up with new, interesting ways to visual events and data. The work may entail working with the .NET framework that my team has built, integrating visualizations with existing Java/Swing-based trader GUIs, or even exploring WPF (as the company gradually embraced .NET 3.x). You could be investigating visualization tools like heatmaps and you will definitely be evaluating third-party tools (both commercial and open-source). You will be involved in OLAP to some extent. There will be involvement in the building out of a notification and alerting framework.

2) CEP developer. You will be building out the analysis part inside the CEP engine. Most of the CEP engines use a variant of SQL, so you should be fairly comfortable with SQL concepts. It would be nice if you had previous experience with tools like Coral8, Aleri, Streambase, Esper, etc, but even if you haven't, you should be willing to learn these tools. You may also be interacting with consultants from these companies.

3) Networking, messaging, and market data specialist. Help us decide if we should migrate to a new messaging infrastructure (like RTI or 29West). Experience with Tibco EMS is a big plus, as well as experience with working with high volumes of data and low latency. Interact with Reuters and Wombat infrastructures, as well as internally-built market data infrastructures.

4) Data specialist. You will be the person who is responsible for breaking down silos and getting good data into the CEP engine. Experience with SQL Server 2005 and Sybase are important. Experience with tick databases like KDB+ and Vhayu would be nice to have.

Everyone will be doing a bit of everything, so everyone on this team will be intimately aware of what everyone else is doing.

This is a highly-visible position in an investment bank that has promised me that they will reward good talent who comes to us from the outside.

In addition to the positions mentioned above, I have two or three open headcount for people who want to work on the Ventana team. Ventana is the client-side .NET framework that is being used by various groups in our Investment Bank.

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Marco said...

Feel free to post this on my CEP blog, It gets lots of views by readers interested in CEP. There you might actually find someone with prior experience in CEP :)

Wayne Bradney said...

Sounds very interesting, and I'd definitely like to hear more. Where can I send you my resume?

marc said...

Please send resumes to





com said...
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Brian Theodore said...

Suggest you do some 'recruiting' at the NY Tech Meetup, a great diversified collection of developers doing cool things, or looking to work on cool things --