Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Aleri and Exegy

At last week's Accelerating Wall Street conference, it was interesting to see that Aleri brought Scott Parsons from Exegy as their guest.

It was well publicized in the Wall Street press that Hyperfeed had sued Exegy over alleged misdeeds surrounding a botched merger attempt, something that resulted in Hyperfeed going out of business.

To me, a large lawsuit looming over a company like Exegy can bring into question the continued survival of Exegy, should Hyperfeed prevail. I went to Google in order to see if there was any settlement in this lawsuit, and according to the link below, there was an attempt at a settlement, but nothing ever resulted.

Evidently, Aleri and Exegy have a relationship. However, if I was at a large bank, and I was presented with an Aleri-Exegy solution, I would really have to do some extreme due diligence in the matter. In fact, until this lawsuit was resolved, I would have to be off my rocker to buy anything with Exegy in it.

Exegy is backed by The Acartha Group. I am wondering if Acartha is looking to add a CEP company to their portfolio of companies. I would not be surprised.

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