Friday, May 02, 2008

Tibco EMS and WCF

It looks like Tibco is about to announce WCF support for EMS.

Now, *this* is truly exciting news!

Our framework has an entire hand-written communications layer that allows us to communicate over TCP/IP, EMS, various market data systems, MSMQ, etc. We would like nothing more that to gut this layer and replace it with WCF. The missing ingredient has always been EMS support. Now, hopefully, this will be rectified, and hopefully Tibco will offer it to existing EMS customers at no charge.

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Paul Haley said...

Would you mind sharing some thoughts about TIBCO's CEP product and where it might fit in your business given you have their bus in place? I am specifically interested in the rules within their Business Events product and whether they would be relevant in operations like yours if they became easier to use (along the lines of Corticon, Fair Isaac, or Ilog, for example). Thanks!

Paul Haley said...

TIBCO's CEP blog is at, FYI.

marc said...

Sorry, Paul. We did not really consider the Tibco line of "CEP"-ish products. We had them in, and their current line of products seemed more workflow oriented, and not really for real-time trading apps.