Saturday, October 25, 2008

CEP Updates from the Front

It feels like forever since I was able to find the time to blog last. There are millions of things to write and so little time.

We finally rolled out our CEP system to the heads of the Equities Trading department. It is sitting on the desks of the Head of Equities Trading and the Head of North American Trading, and will start to be rolled out to the individual traders in short order.

The CEP system gave us a nice "victory" last week. One one of the very big volume mornings, our system was showing that a certain customer type was not buying any financial stocks. The Head of Trading came to us and told us that our system was showing wrong data. Then, he started to call around to his individual traders, and what'dya know ... this customer was not buying financials.

So, it seems like our system is already starting to give the department heads the insight into trading activity that they haven't had before. And, it is giving them the information in a totally new visual paradigm that is so far away from the simple flashing grids that most traders are used to.

We have just started to integrate market data into our system ... but that's the subject of my next blog posting.

The big steps for 2009 will be to start to take our system global. This means having region-specific instances of CEP, and having each region feed into a central CEP hub in order to let people do cross-region correlations. This will bring us new challenges in terms of data quality, as we will have to deal with unifying symbologies, currencies, compliance issues, and more.

... Of course, this is assuming that we all have jobs next year!

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