Thursday, October 09, 2008

Orange Widgets

A recent posting from Jack Rusher of Aleri reminded me about Orange. I had looked at Orange a few months ago very briefly, but it looks like, over this past summer, the Orange Project ramped things up and put out the first official version of their system.

This looks a lot like what I want to do with a Yahoo Pipes-like system. The guys from the Microsoft Oslo team should also read this and see if they can get any additional inspiration. (It's nice to see that Aleri is also looking at this stuff ....)

I will be reading further to see what it would take to come up with an input adapter for Orange that can read a Coral8 tuple. Hopefully, they already have adapters that can read from SQL Server and KDB (yeah, right!)

And, what about Orange's capability to analyze real-time data? Can we put order flow through Orange? Do we have to aggregate order flow and feed Orange at one-minute intervals?

Visual tools for data mining are starting to become more and more widely used. There are tools like Tibco Spotfire and Tableau that are used a lot in Pharma and Financial Services. (There are some new ones on the horizon that I cannot talk about that makes these tools seem like MS-DOS prompts). But, Spotfire and tableau really do not handle real-time flows of data.

The elusive goal is to provide great visualization for true, real-time OLAP. On my CEP team, we had to write a custom real-time OLAP GUI ... how long before these kinds of tools become commoditized?

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