Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Have Succumbed to the Facebook Phenomenon

I always said that I would never join a social network where my kids were active. The kids have a word called "teenile", which refers to an adult who tried to act like a teenager. I vowed that nobody woul dever describe me a teenile.

I establish a token account on Facebook a few years ago in order to try to see what my kids were up to. However, since I had to "friend" my kids in order to see what they were doing, and since any sensible kid will never accept a friend request from his folks, then I just let my Facebook account lie dormant. Over the years, I have received friend requests from various tangential business associates, but I have always ignored these.

Over the past few weeks, the pressure just became too much to resist. First, my high school graduating class (and the class directly before and after mine) established Facebook groups, complete with photos. Then, a few old girlfriends managed to track me down and sent me Facebook links to photo albums of me in somewhat embarassing situations. Then, a few of my college buddies. who I still see, got themselves up on Facebook.

So, with a beet-red face, I admit that I am now a Facebooker.

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