Sunday, January 04, 2009

Two interesting posts from Scott

Scott is the main UI and build/deployment guy on the CEP team. He is also the one who has pushed us into the world of WCF and LINQ.

He just came out with two interesting posts that have ramifications for our development team.

We communicate with many of our external systems using Tibco EMS. However, between our CEP GUI and our one of our .NET-based CEP servers, we use WCF. We were experiencing some performance issues when a lot of users started to connect to our servers, and the issues were so bad that I had asked Scott to start to consider abandoning WCF and going to Tibco for communication between the GUI and server. Not even the Microsoft PSS guy that Microsoft sent us was able to help.

In his blog post, Scott documents all of the steps he took in order to solve the performance issues. I advance the notion that some of these problems could have been avoided by documentation and patterns from Microsoft, either from the WCF group or from the Patterns and Practices group. Also, I would like tools like Resharper and Coderush to be able to identify possible performance problems in code like this:

MyDataTable GetData(...);

In another interesting post, Scott shows what it would take to use LINQ with KDB, and validates the notion that we can probably replace CodeRush templates with T4. (In this economic environment, if we can get away with a free templating tool that is just as good as CodeRush, then it is our fiduciary duty to use it.) Even though several people on my CEP team have started to learn Q on their own (including myself), it is more natural if we use LINQ to query our KDB database. (This is the approach that we would have liked for Coral8 to take when they wrote a KDB adapter ... why query KDB in Q when you could have queried it in CCL?)

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