Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cloud Computing

Matt seems to have read my mind. I have just started a dive into Cloud Computing, and today, my questions to various CEP vendors were "Can I use you in the Cloud? Have you deployed to Amazon EC2 yet?"

There are various reasons why, at this time, I feel that we should start looking at the Cloud. I will be posting more on this in the future. But, for apps that are not latency sensitive, and if we can obfuscate our data and get the blessings of our Compliance Department (not an easy thing to do), I would like to think about off-loading some of our CEP processing (as well as some other trading functions) to a public Cloud.

I will be catching up with the Microsoft Orinoco team soon. And, it will be interesting to hear about their plans for Azure.

Meanwhile, this looks like a pretty good blog. Especially this post.....

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Alex said...

Funny that the links you post don't relate directly to CEP. A map/reduce MonteCarlo is somewhat different don't you think?
Esper is running on EC2 right now with the Strateer (be your own trader) deployment -
I have also been running Esper on the Google App Engine cloud.

EC2 would be somewhat quite trivial to support for any CEP vendor I guess. It is merely a matter of certification and setting the slider on how much you provide (a fully supported AMI or only a "do your own install" attitude).
Are you looking at cloud for cloud bursting or for a pay per use benefit or care to explain?
The GAE is quite a different beast at is happens to be very proprietary and specific. I'd be very surprised to see any single CEP vendor to support it.

marc said...


The Monte Carlo stuff was for our overnight stressing for Risk. Not everything I do in life is related to CEP.

I am mainly looking at the Cloud as a way to get us away from the delays and costs that are related to procuring infrastructure from an internal Infrastructure group. This is not related to CEP, but it certainly would be nice to have our CEP engine running on an external server, and just be charged for what we use.

I need to calculate our existing costs vs running on the public cloud. Other things like latency, security, our Compliance dept, SLAs (we need 99.9% uptime), etc also need to be considered.

I would love to hear details about running Esper in the cloud, and dealing with all of the things that I am going to be dealing with.

Alex said...

You may also expect to see more Esper on cloud as Marketcetera (whose CEP module is built upon Esper) announced a SaaS trading platform with Nyse Technologies at SIFMA 2009.

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear more about cloud and your thoughts with CEP or any other app. It appears to be a great way to tap into resources, but not great for certain workloads (i.e. security).