Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Small Ideas on Google Wave

I went through the painful 1 hour and 20 minute bad-joke-athon that was the Google Wave video on YouTube. Nevertheless, I see some immediate things that I would love to deliver to our traders.

The obvious thing would be the ability to drag and drop some of the interesting graphs that we produce from our real-time WPF-based dashboard onto a Wave, have the traders discuss the graphs in real-time, and embed the graphs and discussions into a blog for dissemination to other departments. (Do we even need a blog anymore if everyone has Wave?)

We might also have a Wave Robot tied into our CEP engine or our delivery mechanism so that, upon seeing certain interesting events, the Robot automatically publishes the data into the Wave. This means that we would need to write a Wave Output Adapter for Coraleri or Orinoco.

The final thing I would hope that we could do with Wave is "bookmark" a certain point in time. When traders interact with this "temporal bookmark", the traders can use the "playback" feature of Wave to replay the events leading up to this bookmark. The playback feature would interact with our CEP engine or our Query Facade in order to replay the state.

Our business sponsor is someone who is known for thinking outside the box, so I am hoping that he comes up with similar ideas of how CEP can be married with Google Wave.

One thing that I do know ..... Microsoft has its work cut out for them if they ever want to compete with Google Wave and some of the other innovative products that are coming out of Google. I am hoping that the thinkers behind Orinoco are thinking the same thing, and will start thinking outside the box too!

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Microsoft bought and pretty much snuffed out Groove which I believe had similar concepts in collaboration.