Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Leaving Citigroup

You may have noticed that this blog has been very quiet lately. The reason is because I have resigned from Citigroup (this is most likely the first and only time that I will mention my employer by name on this blog). I will be joining one of the premier names in Capital Markets, helping them bootstrap new businesses, build technology infrastructure, and building great teams.

I am grateful for the opportunities that the people at Citigroup have afforded me over the past three years.

The new company that I am joining is not very permissive of blogging. As a result, my blogging here will be cut back dramatically. I don't want to give anyone any hints about the technologies that we are using or the technologies that we are considering. However, my pursuit of new and interesting technologies to solve business problems will continue.

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Louie Lovas said...

Good luck in your new venture, I'm sure you will do well.

All the best, Louie

pha1109 said...

Long time reader. First time commenter. Best of luck in your future endeavor(s). And thanks for the insightful postings.

Phillip Ha

Jeff Wootton said...

Marc - Wow, big change. Best of luck with the new gig. We'll miss the blog. The current generation of products have benefited from your challenges and encouragement.


Hitesh said...

Good luck with your new gig. Looking at your last post about gardening, the first thing that crossed my mind was garden leave. Unfortunately it was true. Anyway, best of luck.

Charles Young said...

All the very best. Your regular readers will miss you.

Nair said...

I've been a silent reader of your's(and Scott's - aka the guy with the photo in his signature ;) ) blog since a long time and for me it was a great way to know what other teams are doing within Citi. It was also interesting to decipher all the internal news that you encoded in your own amusing ways. I work in Derek's team here in London and he mentioned about your jump yday evening. That's a great move and wish you all the best. Please continue to put your thoughts down whenever you get the time. Your insights are extremely valuable to juniors like me in the domain. Good luck!! Rock rules!!

tito said...

Congrats! The day I quit working at citi is up there with my wedding and child's birth as one of the very best days of my life!

Richard said...

Best of luck Marc.