Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Raptor - Real-Time Analytics on Hadoop

I am starting to get interested in what Hadoop and "Big Data" can do for capital markets. This talk at the upcoming Hadoop World in NYC looks pretty interesting, especially the part about predictive trading.

Raptor combines Hadoop & HBase with machine learning models for adaptive data segmentation, partitioning, bucketing, and filtering to enable ad-hoc queries and real-time analytics.
Raptor has intelligent optimization algorithms that switch query execution between HBase and MapReduce. Raptor can create per-block dynamic bloom filters for adaptive filtering. A policy manager allows optimized indexing and autosharding.

This session will address how Raptor has been used in prototype systems in predictive trading, times-series analytics, smart customer care solutions, and a generalized analytics solution that can be hosted on the cloud.

If anyone attends this talk, please feel free to post a comment here and let me know how it went. Hopefully, there will be some slides up on SlideShare afterwards.

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