Monday, October 24, 2011

Windows 8 Registered I/O Networking Extensions

From Len

The Registered I/O Networking Extensions, RIO, is a new API that has been added to Winsock to support high-speed networking for increased networking performance with lower latency and jitter. These extensions are targeted primarily for server applications and use pre-registered data buffers and completion queues to increase performance.

Is Microsoft moving towards the day where people will consider them for a HFT stack?

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Thomas Hulka said...

Hi Marc, good to read you blogging again.

Is Latency and Jitter on Windows currently that far behind Linux or Unix's? What numbers (Microseconds, Millseconds) are involved here?

marc said...

It might not be that far behind, but it's the perception that counts. People are still hesitatant to use Windows machines in a server-side role. Any bit of positive publicity counts.

Ted Graham said...

Windows is not milliseconds behind in response latency. You can get sub-millisecond response latency from Windows.

That said, linux is better.

marc said...

(from Derek Li)

I think top HFTs will do some hacks in Linux kernel. It is impossible for windows obviously.

Thomas Hulka said...

Thank you for your replies, they affirm my bare assumptions.

Talking network layer I recently stepped across zeromg,

Nicholas Piƫl has a good introduction:

It is between sockets and the full fledged MQ services.