Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Bronx Cheers

Random Seinfeld-ish Thought...

Why are Americans suddenly using the signatory line of "Cheers"? People I know who were born and raised in Brooklyn are suddenly signing email message with "Cheers".

The next time you say "Cheers" to me, you had better have a scotch in your hand!

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John said...

Finally, the trend of Americanisation is reversed and we're Britishizing you guys! Oops - that should be "we're Britishizing you chaps".

But seriously, "cheers" is an all purpose salutation in the UK, and not just for hoisting a glass. Depending on context, it can mean "thanks", or "all the best". Looks like the same usage is taking hold in NY, probably because it's a friendly and informal way to sign off on an email.