Monday, August 28, 2006

Pair Programming and Market Data?

I was talking about Agile/Scrum with our head of market data systems. He advised me that, with regards to Pair Programming, if you have two sets of eyes looking at a computer at the same time, then the exchanges would consider this grounds for charging double for the market data!

OK, Messrs Fowler, Beck, and Schwaber! What do you have to say about that!

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Anonymous said...

Remember developer access to market data is pretty cheap - $1/mo for Nasdaq L1, and $1/mo for NYSE/AMEX. Doubling up will hardly break the bank .


Anonymous said...

oops spoke too soon! :-) developers at Investment Banks cant register as non-professionals or distributors so they have to pay the full fees. Still not much tho - maybe $100/mo total.

aman said...

what if they both wear eye patches on one eye (each)?

DLG said...

If they are using Bloomberg then forget about it. I do like the Eye patch idea tho