Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Event Stream Processing

Marco blogs about Event Stream Processing (ESP) at There is also a Wikipedia article about it.

ESP is especially interesting in the financial markets, where you want to perform real-time decision making on a stream of quotes coming from your market data distribution infrastructure. ESP gives you opportunities for things like algorithmic trading and real-time risk management.

Companies in this space include Gemstone (Gemfire), KX (KDB+), Vhayu, Streambase, Aleri. I would like to see Microsoft get into this space with a future version of SQL Server. (Since I have some meetings coming up with some people from Microsoft, I will be sure to ask this question.)

I will definitely be exploring this space in the near future.

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AXW said...

A few more links...

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Anonymous said...

I am doing some research on ESP, and another company that should be mentioned is Skyler Technology, Inc.
( They offer a 3-in-1 platform that includes real-time cache, stream processing engine, and a time series database. I think they are a viable mention.

Hope this helps!