Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am scared of The Wharf

Earlier this year, my former consulting company closed its London office without warning. In a mailing to the staff, the partners said that there was just no business to be had for very smart .Net and Java consultants in Canary Wharf.

I am imaging what kind of place this Wharf could be. When I get there, will I see a lone seaman, in a yellow raincoat, yelling "Ahoy Matey" to me from a distant pier? Are there thugs and holligans behind every dark corner, waiting to roll me for my wallet? Will I see row of cars, inhabited by hormonal teenagers, "watching the submarine races" (a popular saying in the 1950's)?

I am very afraid of this Wharf place. Perhaps JohnOS, Matt, Deglan and Pin can organize a bile-night to keep me off the streets? Perhaps Rut the Nut is reading this blog and will get some of our old Citicorp/EBS gang together for a slosh-up?

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Anonymous said...

I think a more accurate statement might have been "there was just no work for Finetix in the Wharf"!