Saturday, October 21, 2006

.Net - Java Integration

Especially interesting are the comments from Roger Voss, formerely of the Aldus Pagemaker portability team. He has chosen .Net for the front end and Tibco EMS as the messaging layer between his Java and .Net tiers.

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chris said...

We are currently working to choose our ideal stack as well. We are certainly have a .net front/ java and C++ mid/ back. As to messaging - tib EMS, tib RV, custom internal messaging, or even gemfire cache + notification as fast messaging. We are also considering a few serialization tools for serializing/ deserializing java and .net - the obvious XSD, then interestingly ice, hessian and of course - roll your own.

I have had LOTS of meetings lately with some ex-tibco-ers and messaging 'gurus' at the end of the day - EMS is SSSSLLLOOOOWWWWW. So - looks like probably RV..... we shall see.