Saturday, October 07, 2006

What are you doing with your MFC Apps?

An awful lot of IBs still have a lot of front ends written in Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC).

1) Are you considering MFC to be an end-of-life product?

2) What are your plans for migrating the front ends to other frameworks? Are you going to .NET/C#, .NET/C++, or Java?

3) How will you be doing the migration? Are you devoting a year's worth of time to rewritting the app from scratch? And, while you are doing that, will you be refactoring all of the business logic that you wished that you ha not embedded in the GUI into a new middle tier?

4) Are you going straight for Vista/WPF for your rewrite?

5) Do you wish that Microsoft had a strategy for upgrading your massive MFC codebase to .NET?

Update: John responds here

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