Friday, January 18, 2008

Colin Clark is with Streambase - Where's my Finder's Fee?

A few week ago, this blog mentioned the news that Colin disbanded Kaskad, and was looking for new opportunities. I also proposed that Streambase hire Colin and some of his gang, as they were all in the Boston area together.

Lo and behold, Colin is now with Streambase.

An example of the wonders of the blogging network in action!

Also interesting that Bill Harts is on the Streambase Advisory Board. When I was consulting with Goldman in the late 1980's, I was friendly with Bill, as our groups interacted. I actually interviewed with Bill and Mike Dubnow for a job in Fischer Black's group, but mercifully, they spared me the pain of having to try to understand the world of the Quants (leaving me the opportunity to go full-time into Magma Systems after I left Goldman). Emmanuel Derman has written extensively about the goings-on in Black's little world.

Mike Dubnow eventually became the first Managing Director from the tech side at Goldman, and has since retired. I think that Mike was one of the creators of the SLANG language at Goldman.

On Wall Street, we have an incestuous little circle.

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