Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When will they ever learn?


Sigh .... When will the guys at Streambase learn that dubious marketing may overshadow what seems to be a really good product .....

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Brian Theodore said...

That's pretty bad, and almost looks like a mistake (though I couldn't reproduce it in Google). However, doing a google search for the major CEP vendors is a great way to find their competitors!.... here's a list of who's placing ads with their competitors names:

"Apama" = Aleri, Coral8, Skyler, Aegis, Syndera
"Skyler" = Aleri, Coral8
"Coral8" = Aleri, Skyler
"StreamBase" = Aleri, Coral8
"Aleri" = Coral8
("Kaskad" = sadly none, REP Kaskad)

Oddly, no StreamBase ads to be found.

cmartins said...

Streambase has since apologized, communicating directly with us that the ad was an inadvertent error. We accept that explanation for it.
Chris Martins, Progress Apama

bill said...

Thanks for bringing this error to our attention. It was the result of an inadvertent administrative mistake, and is not a part of StreamBase's marketing strategy. As soon as we learned about it, the error was promptly corrected and we contacted Progress Apama to express our apology. Please see the comments at the original link or URL below for additional details:

StreamBase Marketing